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Maybe ......

Kids have lots of requests.

Teens have even more requests.

They want to go to a friend's house for the weekend.

They want Mac and Cheese for dinner.

They want cash.

They want a new I-phone.

They want to borrow the car.

They want to go to the movies.

They want to change schools.

They want ……

It can feel like a never ending barrage of wants.

Some are easy, sure we can order pizza.

Some take a little more thinking and discussion. Who else is going to be at the party? Are the parents home? Ok, yes, but you have to be home by midnight.

Some are an easy no. Can I have the car to go to Zach’s? No, I need it to take your sister to soccer.

Some we want to avoid. Can I go camping with my friends this weekend? There are so many issues loaded into some requests that we don’t know how to address them. How many kids? Boys and girls? How old is everyone? Are there any adults going? Parental adults, not just older siblings? What about drinking? Does anyone know how to build a fire? Put out a fire? Is the boy you have a crush on going?

These kinds of requests, especially when they start making a lot of them, can end with “maybe”.

Now, this maybe means, “let’s talk it through and make a decision” that is a great maybe.

Maybe that is “I hope this goes away because I don’t want to deal with it” is not a great maybe.

Maybe that is “No, but I don’t want to fight about it so I am saying maybe” is not a great maybe.

If we don’t face these requests head on, if we give the ”maybe” too often when it is not followed up with a conversation, they will find ways around you to get what they want.

Face the tough stuff.

Have conversations.

And MAYBE your relationship with them will grow.

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