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Mean People Are NOT Happy People

Hi friends.

This one is for my teenage friends out there. Well….really it’s for all of us, but I want to talk to you.

Mean people are not happy.

I know that it can be so hard to tell who is feeling what. What is real and what is a filter….literally! If social media were any kind of accurate, our world would be a very different place than the world we live in. Instagram and TikTok are full of people showing only their very best, with a filter to enhance it, making their lives look ‘literally’ glittery! Don't get me wrong, no one loves a little sparkle more than me. I think there is always space for a little glitter!

I’m not saying there are not wonderful shares of people’s most amazing selves. I want to, I will, and I encourage you to celebrate the poop out of very one of those wins. Celebrate every awesome thing that's out there.

No matter how magical the filters on their Instagram stories are, if they are mean, they are not happy.

Happy people do not need to be mean. They do not feel the need to cut others down to lift themselves up. People who need to feel better than you to feel better about themselves are not happy. People who need to start rumours to be more popular than you are are not happy. People who gossip about you are not happy. People who can only smile when they have succeeded in making you cry are not happy.

Happy people want you to be happy.

Happy people want you to succeed.

Happy people want you to see your smile.

Happy people want you to have your dreams

Happy people all celebrate your success even if it means they didn’t achieve theirs.

None of this makes it sting less when people are mean. Knowing it and trying to remind ourselves that they are acting from their own unhappiness more than a genuine desire to hurt you does not make it hurt less. Nor does it make that mean justified.

Remind yourself that they are not happy.

Feel all your feels. Really….have that big snot bubble cry. Don’t stuff it down. Don’t pretend it's not there. Don’t pretend your heart is not broken. Feel it all. Feel it hard.

You will have a raging headache after, but you gotta get that out.

Then walk away and find your happy and your happy people.

Don’t let their mean turn you into a mean person too.

Don’t let their unhappy make you linger in the unhappy too.

Share your happy and

Have a Stellar Day!

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