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Building Stellar Humans.



My name is Robin Joanne Szuch and I live in a world where fun reigns supreme. I aspire to create a world where we all march to the beat of our own drummers, reach for the goals of our dreams, and laugh…..a lot. 

Circus was the vehicle for the stellar human learning, just like coffee is the vehicle for French vanilla creamer, toast is the vehicle for peanut butter, and cake is the vehicle for frosting (at least for me🙄).  I have had this knocking on my heart to do more of this work for a very long time. The knocking finally got too loud to ignore so I decided to forgo the cake and just putting my spoon into that tub of frosting. I officially started the Stellar Human Project. I started working with groups of kids 13-17 years old, and their families who wanted to grow together, to help them be jerks less and hang around jerks less, be active instead of reactive in choice making, and figure out what drives them so they can confidently stand for themselves, make choices they are proud of, and cope when they make the wrong choice or life just throws a wrench in it…. Which it will….because it always does. 


I came to realize that I am not enough.  My arms are not big enough, my laugh is not loud enough, and my voice does not travel far enough to reach the literally millions of youth who need a mentor, a guide, an extra adult who can help them learn to navigate the world.So here I am, dedicating myself not only to the youth I mentor, but also to the hockey coaches, school teachers, Girl Guide leaders, gym coaches, dance teachers who also lead and mentor youth.  Let's be honest, we are only as effective when we model the behaviour we seek to teach. 


 My dream is to fill this world with Stellar Humans so I want to have as many ways to work with you as possible!

Welcome to the Stellar Human Project. I'm thrilled to have you here!



Armed as a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), and holding a Master of Arts (MA) in Counselling Psychology, Keyva has extensive experience with with families, children and vulnerable populations.  Her focus has always been on connecting and relationship building with her clients making the process personal, and comfortable for her clients whether she is using solution-focused, transactional analysis, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy or acceptance and commitment therapy. Each interaction is based on the client's needs and not on a pre-determined therapeutic process. 

Keyva is truly as stellar human. Outside of her amazing work professionally she has rescued 2 big ole pups that keep her busy with training, dog park trips, and big dog cuddles. 

Keyva is a regular on our Stellar Human Project Podcast so that when we step into out of the coaching world and into the Mental Health world we are doing so with appropriate knowledge and the guidance of a pro. 

If you want to reach Kevya to book a personal or a family session you can contact her here.



After over a decade of working in Law Enforcement, Andy (affectionally know as “Officer Andy” to the youth he has worked with) retired from law enforcement to spend more of his time and energy pursing the thing he really is passionate about; empowering young people in an increasingly tough world. 


During his law enforcement days Andy was committed to community policing with a strong focus on building relationships with the youth in the schools.  Countless hours spent in High School parking lots building positive relationships with youth.  There to build bridges, not to ‘jack them up’.


Another particular point of pride has been his work with the local Emergency Women’s Shelter running educational programs in the Junior and Senior High Schools. 


All of this experience has culminated in building practical skills workshops to help youth grow their confidence and understand their impact in their world.

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