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Be Kind.  Be Love.  Be a Stellar Human
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The Stellar Human Project is about helping youth get out of their own way, face their fears, make change in their lives, reach for their dreams, to live their Stellar Lives not just for themselves but for the world around them.

About Stellar Human

We are all about the youth. 

Our programming is designed for youth. 


We also work with other coaches, teachers, and mentors of youth to help them build meaningful programs that are not just about teaching them hockey, gymnastics, and dance, but also about how to be a kind human in the world. 

Kind to themselves, and kind to the people in their world


Imagine beginning adulthood with a complete understanding of who you are and what kind of person you want to be? 


And knowing how to get there!


40 is the average age of people trying to figure out who they are, what they want in life, and what their goals really are. Why can't we start to explore who we are, what we want, and what makes us soar and be comfortable with who we are at a much younger age? 


We teach youth workshops in practical skills like self-defence, how to be a responsible driver, what to do when the police pull you over.  Skills that let them confidently move around in the world they live in today.

We teach youth workshops in more "woo" skills like managing test anxiety, setting goals, having tough conversations. Skills that not only let them move around in their lives with more confidence today, but also set them up to be confined in the future too!

We also run programming for coaches, teacher, and leaders of youth so they can empower the youth they impact too!

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Being Stellar isn't about how much money you have in your pocket, it's about how much love you have in your heart. 

In the name of giving we allocate money from every registration in a workshop to fund the experience for someone who needs a little help getting here.


If you are someone who needs a little help getting here or know someone who might benefit from joining us but hesitates because they might not be able to afford it, please contact us and we will put you on our waitlist and get you in one of our programs as fast as we can.  

If you have a little extra to give and want to sponsor a youth or parent, we would love to hear from you too!

Whether you want to get on our waitlist or support those who need an extra helping hand, click on the Contact Us below. We can't wait to hear from you.

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because we believe.

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